The Real Me – what’s being said about us

“I was surprised at how deeply I was affected by this.  Layers of emotion came up that I was not expecting. I feel like this weekend is an amazing start to the rest of my life.  Thank you”  

 “I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar.  It pulled at heart strings I haven’t thought of in years.  I am so not a cryer but you guys have had me eating for the tissue several times, for this I thank you!  You guys are awesome and thank you for sharing your stories and experiences with all of us!  Thank you all!

 “A very good program. It really pushed some buttons and made me think about the past and the future.  You guys are awesome.”

 “I must say that it was not what I thought it was going to be, but you all have a way of getting inside of us whether we want you to or not.  It was very enlightening for me to reach into places I never even knew could still be found. For the job you do I applaud each of you, you are very amazing people and for that I thank you.  Keep up with all you do and believe in”

 “I want to thank you for helping me!  You guys are awesome everyone of you.

 “Excellent worksop.  thank you!  I thought there was a good mix of teaching, sharing and personal stories from facilitators & I appreciate the authenticity and sincerity of the facilitators

 “Thank you, thank you, thank you! i didn’t even know how much was buried.  I forgave that person who hurt me in the past, but I had no idea how much I still kept them tethered to me.  what a huge release to let that go!  I also am not actually a crier, so to let that out here was surprising and empowering.  As well as a weight lifted off. Thank you so much!

 ” You really helped me express myself. Mission statement was great and I believe mine, thank you for that!”


previous years comments

“What a great weekend! This opened up so many things for me

and gave direction for my mission.”

“Amazing atmosphere of openness and vulnerability.”

“Very intense and very packed so you get a lot for the cost.”

“I am glad I went to the course and need to keep going with the lessons.”

“I would highly recommend it.”

“I feel happier than I have in a long time.”

“I love all your teaching methods, you all were informing, inspiring, humorous, light ,

 heavy and full of grace and love. GOD BLESS YOU!!”

“I received more than I anticipated. I bless you and thank you for following your mission.

 What a revelation to me.!”

“It was a life changing experience. It was challenging. So appreciated!”

“The course was very uplifting and encouraging for the spirit.”

“I found this to be very informative and stretching of me and for me. It as well helped to define and clarify things   in my life. I look forward to more.”

“It was wonderful to attend and learn how much healing has taken place already – how strong I have become. I knew my purpose and this weekend it solidified came alive. Now I realize what it is, I see God has to open the doors. My life will be very rewarding and many will be helped. Thank you all. I am more alive now!!

“I am so very impressed by the course and how you obviously thought ahead and planned for the follow up courses – including dreams etc. What you’ve all accomplished is inspiring, I’m sure to all of us. Thanks so much.”

“I guess because I didn’t know what a vision or mission were, I assumed they were the same thing, interchangeable. I felt that this course gave me clarity. I needed tools to get to figure out what I had experienced – realized as I was going through the steps that I was actually more equipped than I believed.”

“I liked the pace, didn’t get bored at any point.”

“Thank you!!! God has truly used this weekend for much growth and insight in my life.”

“I was a person who didn’t know what his mission was, didn’t want to know because of blocks in my life – the puzzle – being available enlightened me. I have direction that wasn’t there before.”

“I never knew I had a mission before. ”

“I see myself more clearly and am inspired to pursue my dream in Him.”

The course activities were:
-“really out of my comfort zone – pushed me, challenged me.”

“Each activity opened the door to my inner self a bit more in a progressive and positive way.”

“I can’t tell you how great this course was. You all are amazing and living your mission!

“This course helped me to realize gifts and talents that I didn’t know I had. I liked how the leaders didn’t give us the answers, we gave ourselves the answers we needed.”

“Very much enjoyed hearing Kelly’s personal stories! They were good examples & helped understand where we were trying to get to. ”

“Kelly is a profound person, wanna hear more. Trish is infectious in her passion! Andy is someone I wanna sit at his feet to listen to. Amazing man.”

“Very good and intense.”

“They made me stretch out of my comfort zone sometimes which was good. It made me grow and find out about myself.”

“Loved the variety – kinesthetic, auditory, visual etc… very effective.”

“I appreciated how interpersonal it was.”
“I had a great time. The facilitators were wonderful and I can see your love and your passion.”

“I learned a lot and I’m grateful for that.”

“Great encouragement. Helps those who do not know their call. Affirms those who do.”